Find Out How To Improve Eyesight Without Surgery Here

Eyesight is something the majority of us take for granted, but with the ever increasing demands we are putting on our eyes with the extended use of computers, mobile phones, and more T.V. options available than ever before, it is little wonder than many of us suffer with eye problems.

In this article we will consider how to improve eyesight without the need for surgery. We will look at some eye strengthening exercises, but first let us consider why you should exercise your eyes.

Why Exercise Your Eyes?

Just like other parts of your body your eyes have muscles. There are muscles inside of your eyes, and muscles which attach them to the inside of your body. As you exercise other muscles in your body then it follows that you should exercise your eyes. This form of exercise helps to improve eyesight, and ensure your eyes can become stronger and more efficient; this in turn will lead to less tension of the eyes, and can mean better eyesight.

exercise your eyesIf you suffer from headaches due to eyestrain then this is one particular reason for you to try such exercises. It should be noted that when you are hoping to improve your eyesight by using strengthening exercises you will not see any miraculous improvement, but if it means less tiredness in your eyes at the end of a long day then it will be worthwhile.

Three Exercises To Do In Trying To Improve Your Eyesight

The first thing to say is that you do not need any special equipment, and these exercises can be done anywhere although it is not recommended you do the eye rolling exercise when your boss is having a word with you!

Eye rolling – Believe it or not this is actually a very good exercise, but don’t tell your siblings! Even though it can be a little monotonous, and your eyesight may be a little funny when finished it is worth the aggravation.

Side to side – This one is not so easy at first, and the reasons for this is that you have to move your eyeballs only, not your eyeballs and eyebrows as that is too easy! What this exercise does is works the muscles on each side of your eyes. To vary the exercise, and make it more beneficial you can do two eyes together, and then close one eye while you work the other one. This is a useful exercise when attempting to improve eyesight through exercise.

Close and Distance – This is the last exercise we will look at with regards to how to improve eyesight. It will help with your focus. Choose an object a good few meters away, but not so far as you cannot fully focus on it. Do the same with an object a few feet away from you. Then you simply focus on these objects one at a time for around 10-15 seconds. Do this for around 5 minutes each day, and you should notice a difference in your focus.

Supplements – You only have one pair of eyes, so keeping them in tip-top shape is absolutely essential. Every eye professional will tell you: Prevention is far, far better than correction!

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